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GO Group Airline Mileage Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles or United MileagePlus® miles?
New members, select “Join Today,” create a profile, select the “Choose Rewards” tab and choose United MileagePlus® or American Airlines AAdvantage® from the drop down list. Add your mileage account number.

What if I’m already registered as a GO Frequent Rider?
Existing members, log in, select the “edit/view account” button, select the “Choose Rewards” tab, select
American Airlines AAdvantage® or United MileagePlus® from the drop down list.  Add your mileage account number.

How will you know that I am a Frequent Rider when I make a GO reservation?
Before you make your reservation, log into your Frequent Rider account, and use the reservation form that pops up there.

When will I earn my rewards?
Your awards will be earned after your trip has been completed.

How often will my account be updated?
American Airlines AAdvantage®  miles and United Airlines MileagePlus® miles will be posted on a bi–weekly basis. Airline miles can only be uploaded to an account if a member has accumulated a minimum amount of 100 miles. 

How many miles will I earn?
You will earn one American Airlines AAdvantage® mile or one United MileagePlus® mile for every dollar you spend on reservations made online. 

Where will I be able to view my balance?
Customers will be able to see their miles through their web profile using their e-mail and password.