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GO Group Airline Mileage Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles or United MileagePlus® miles?
New members, select “Join Today,” create a profile, select the “Choose Rewards” tab and choose United MileagePlus® or American Airlines AAdvantage® from the drop down list. Add your mileage account number.

What if I’m already registered as a GO Frequent Rider?
Existing members, log in, select the “edit/view account” button, select the “Choose Rewards” tab, select
American Airlines AAdvantage® or United MileagePlus® from the drop down list.  Add your mileage account number.

How will you know that I am a Frequent Rider when I make a GO reservation?
Before you make your reservation, log into your Frequent Rider account, and use the reservation form that pops up there.

When will I earn my rewards?
Your awards will be earned after your trip has been completed.

How often will my account be updated?
American Airlines AAdvantage®  miles and United Airlines MileagePlus® miles will be posted on a monthly basis. 

How many miles will I earn?
You will earn one American Airlines AAdvantage® mile or one United MileagePlus® mile for every dollar you spend on reservations made online. 

Where will I be able to view my balance?
Customers will be able to see their miles through their web profile using their e-mail and password.

Can I take advantage of discount offers as well as earn miles?
Yes, as long as you input your frequent rider number on the discount reservation form.

Why should I include my credit card information in my profile?
By adding your credit card to your secure profile, the system will automatically fill in this information for you every time you make a reservation.