Travel Trade and Corporations

Save money by streamlining your reservation and accounting procedures with a Go Group national account! Good for ground transportation at some 80 airports throughout North America and around the world.

Go Airport Shuttle’s National Account Program is a special offering that allows authorized receptive operators, tour operators, internet travel sellers, corporate travel departments and other high-volume users of airport transfer services to make multi-city reservations in one easy process, issue vouchers to passengers, receive one invoice and make payments to a single, centralized location. This time- and cost-saving program eliminates the need to research, negotiate and contract individually with multiple suppliers. Instead of establishing accounting systems with dozens of suppliers, Go Airport Shuttle’s National Account Program allows you to establish a single account for payables. Rather than making reservations with individual suppliers by multiple methods (email, fax, phone) you can process all of your reservations in multiple cities with one easy approach.

We can create a unique, password-protected portal through which you will be able to enter reservations for any Go Airport Shuttle location, which will then be automatically communicated to the providing Go Airport Shuttle location. If you prefer to issue your own vouchers, you can load Go Airport Shuttle location information into your own system and issue your own vouchers.

For more information, download and complete the National Account Registration form and and email it to If you qualify, we will send you a link to access special, trade-only information and rates.

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