Green Initiatives Remain a Priority for GO Group Members

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago (October 22, 2009) — When it comes to energy conservation and green programs to help the planet, members of GO Group LLC are stepping up to the plate while continuing to provide top-level ground transportation service to the traveling public.

Sharing a ride to the airport already is a planet-friendly activity in that it reduces gas consumption, lowers fuel emissions from individual automobiles and limits airport curb congestion. In addition, GO Group members nationwide are using other creative techniques to reduce any negative impact that motorized vehicles can have on the environment. For example, Dallas member Yellow Checker Shuttle has introduced low-pollution hybrid buses into its fleet, while GO Alpine in Steamboat Springs, Colo., uses Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles to ferry pairs of passengers to two regional airports. GO Alpine is also participating in the Colorado Carbon Fund Program, offering customers the chance to donate money to offset the carbon emissions of their trips.

In several GO cities, including Chicago, New York and Boston, operators have launched controlled idling, engine oil recycling and other vehicle-specific programs to reduce emissions as well as to save on fuel costs. And The Atlanta Link is conserving energy in its offices through controlled lighting and cooling to offset its overall carbon footprint.

“These programs demonstrate the seriousness of GO Group members to contribute to green efforts as business owners as well as responsible citizens,” noted John McCarthy, president of GO Group. “We all are committed to continue looking at ways to advance our green initiatives.”

GO Group LLC launched in August 2007 as a convenient, one-stop source for door-to-door airport shuttle services. Each year, its 28 members transport some 13 million passengers to and from nearly 52 airports in the United States, Canada and Europe. Travelers can easily book ground transportation to and from both departure and destination airports through GO’s Web site,

Contact: Judi Schindler