Travelers Change Gift Habits To Offset Recent Baggage Fees

For Immediate Release: CHICAGO (November 18, 2008) — If a giant sleigh and flying reindeer are not an option, how will air travelers bring presents to loved ones over the holidays while avoiding newly imposed fees for oversized /overweight checked bags and security restrictions against wrapped packages?

According to a survey conducted by GO Group, LLC., the nation's largest ground transportation provider, most will ship ahead. Of the 257 respondents, 50 percent will send their gifts through the U.S. Post Office, while 42 percent will use shipping services such as UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Fourteen percent will avoid the issue altogether, either purchasing gifts at their destination, or carrying on board light items such as gift certificates, gift cards and cash. An equal number of respondents said they will continue to carry on unwrapped gifts or check wrapped items.

"The airlines have recently dropped airfares to entice people to travel, but fees for baggage, meals and other surcharges have spurred travelers to be more creative when it comes to finding less expensive ways to bring holiday cheer to friends and family," says John McCarthy, president of GO Airport Express.

GO Group LLC launched in August 2007 as a convenient, one-stop source for door-to-door airport shuttle services. Each year, its members transport nearly 29 million passengers to 110 airports around the world using a fleet of nearly 4,000 vehicles. Travelers can easily book ground transportation to and from both departure and destination airports through GO's Web site,

Contact: Judi Schindler